Welcome Public Outreach Staff!

Our aim with this Staff Site is to answer all your questions about your time with Public Outreach.

We are currently revamping this website to better support you in all aspects of your Public Outreach career. If you have any feedback please forward it to humanresources@publicoutreachgroup.com.

If you need assistance or have questions that are not answered on this website, please contact your HR support team:

Ezeka Geddes
1-888-326-5535 Ext 3345

West Coast:
Naina Jagger
1-888-326-5535 Ext 6804

Mariam Sbihi
1-888-326-5535 Ext 5402

North American HR Director:

Nikki Foster
1-888-326-5535 Ext 5804

We are here to partner with staff of all levels and provide support, balancing our awesome Public Outreach culture with best practices and staff health in mind!

Our supportive HR team specialize in staff programs and policies, Health & Safety, benefits, our Employee Assistance Program, Aspiria, workplace concern handling, pay and much more! If you’re ever unsure of where to turn, call us! Whether you have a grand idea, a question, or a thought you want to share, we’re here for you!