A Page that hypothetically answers all your questions, if your questions align with the questions that are the most frequently asked by your fellow staff members.

When do I get paid?

Public Outreach is on a biweekly pay schedule. Your first paycheck depends upon your hire date. The Public Outreach week start on Monday and end on Sunday. Our Payperiods (the period for an individual paycheck) is 2 Public Outreach weeks.

Example: a Payperiod would start Monday, January 1st and end Sunday, January 14th. The Paycheck for that pay period is produced and distributed on the next Friday (for this example: the Paycheck for the work done between 1/01 – 1/14 would be produced for Friday, 1/19.)

If you still aren’t sure when Payday is, ask is your FM will definitely know but you can also email us!


I’m taking time off? Who do I talk to? How can I use the Paid Time-Off I have?

All Paid Time-Off (PTO) must be approved by your manager, so your first step is talking to them. For more information about:

  • Vacation/Paid Time Off
  • Unpaid Time Off
  • Sick Leave
  • and More!

Check out the Canadian Pay + Benefits Page or the US Pay + Benefits page.

Our advice: ALWAYS submit PTO requests via email or in some documented fashion with as much notice as you can.

How does scheduling work?

Your FM is your primary point of contact for scheduling, always. In general, with some exception, all staff is expected to work 3 days/week. If you fall under this expectation, talk to your FM prior to this occurring and they can work with you to create a schedule that fits with part-time requirements and meets your needs.

How do I read my Paystub?

Glad you asked! We got a whole section dedicated to that on our website. Here is the link for Canadian Paystubs. Here is a link for US Paystubs.

I need help with something related to my pay or benefits. Who can help me?

There are 2 fun answers to this question! (A lot of the times, if you can’t find the answer in our Pay+Benefits section, the answer to specific pay relation questions are a case-by-case situation.)

1- Your FM, SFM or regional admin are always there to help you direct you to the appropriate resources and people. If in doubt send an email to sos@publicoutreachgroup.com (CANADA) or helpful@publicoutreachgroup.com (US).

2- Now, this is the obvious answer: our payroll + HR team!!! Canada – national.payroll@publicoutreachgroup.com or US – payroll@publicoutreachgroup.com. HR, company-wide – humanresources@publicoutreachgroup.com

Please expect a 2 to 3 day response time from our National Departments or 24-hour response time from your local management/administrative team. PRO TIP: your local team can help facilitate and expedite requests/inquiries, use them as your first resource, or throw them a “cc” in your email(unless the information is confidential and sensitive).